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LegalMinds is a cutting-edge mastermind for lawyers created by trial lawyer and digital, legal and social media influencer, Mitch Jackson. In this community, Mitch shows you how to embrace the power of social media to expand your brand and top-of-mind awareness from local to global!

A Legal Mastermind Community Unlike Any Other On The Planet!

“LegalMinds is for lawyers who believe that social media, digital and technology are changing the world. In my mastermind, I focus on sharing expert tips, approaches and techniques with members who want to tap into the power of these platforms to build their brand, create new relationships and generate more income. My promise to you is that by embracing what I share, and taking massive action on these ideas, you’ll become more well known, get more clients, and achieve all of the above, and more.” -Mitch Jackson

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Daily Emails and Weekly Live Video “Office Visits” and Q&A

You’re no longer alone. Each week we brainstorm ideas, solutions to your challenges, and engage in Q&A, in real-time on live video. We look each other in the digital eyeballs, have a conversation, and build your path to success. Each session is recorded for 24/7 viewing.

24/7 Real-World Solutions, Answers, and More

I’m a straight shooter and will never waste your time with old school out-of-date marketing hype. I share current ideas and approaches at our website, during our live videos, and in my daily emails, that have made me millions of dollars. I believe they’ll work for you too!

Exclusive and Trusted Private Community of Brilliant Cutting-Edge Professionals

The power of sharing ideas and solutions, on a global level, is unlimited. Mastermind members get access to the community, through a private and exclusive website and Facebook group, to brainstorm, network, share ideas, and referrals.

The Latest in Social, Digital and Live Streaming Platforms and Approaches

I speak around the country at legal and social media conventions. I have my finger on the digital pulse of what’s important and what’s simply a fad. If you want to build an effective digital footprint and brand (and this must be a priority), then you’ve come to the right place!


David Meerman Scott at Tony Robbins Business Mastery

If you're wondering if what I'm sharing in my LegalMinds Mastermind Group works, just watch and listen to what one of the top marketing experts on the planet has to say at the recent Tony Robbins Business Mastery and National Speakers Association Events


Plans and Pricing

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Pick the plan that works best for you. Discounts are available for additional firm members. Please note that I offer a full 30 day no-risk 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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New Members Get Immediate Access To Our Private Website, Facebook Group, Daily Emails, Weekly Live Videos, and Two Special Reports…


“The Ultimate Social Media Success Blueprint for Professionals”

“12 Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Content”

Earlier this year we had about 20 LegalMinds Mastermind Members attend the Maximum Lawyer Conference in St. Louis which hosted about 70 lawyers from across the country. Here’s a pic with several of the LegalMinds members taken during a break.


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Update: New members will also receive a free copy of my new book,

“The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs” (Dec 2018)